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2019 Homebrewerstulations to our Homebrew Competition Winners!

We had a great time at NOLA on Tap 2019! Over 50 homebrewers submitted over 150 individual beers and homebrewed drinks to be judged in the Beer Judges Certification Program (BJCP) Homebrew Competition! Congratulations to our winners, and a big thank you to our main Homebrew sponsor, Bryan Subaru.

BJCP Homebrew Award Winners

1st Place: Pumpkin Coffee Ale, Luke Hammonds with Deadbeat Brewing

2nd Place: Mixed Fermentation with Raspberry, Matthew Myers with Absent Logic

3rd Place: Lactose IPA, Luke Hammonds with Deadbeat Brewing

People’s Choice Award Winners

1st Place: Festbier, Brewz Krewz

2nd Place: THAT SWEET – Chocolate Coffee Cake, Absent Logic

3rd Place: Dopplebock, LA Voodoo Brewing

Best Tent Decor

1st Place: Pink Boots Society

2nd Place: Laughing Bayou

3rd Place: Brewz Krewz

2019 Homebrewers

Matt Ault
Anything You Can Do… (Hard Seltzer)
Stout Identity (Coffee Stout)
Blonde Rebellion (Blond Ale)

Rachel Ault
Strawberry ‘Summa Time (Saison)

Federico Portillo
Kwaked Oak (Belgian Gold)
Rdd (Irish Red)

Evan Kolk
Lime in the Coconut (Cream Ale)

Will Lambert
Hello, Biscuss (Hard Lemonade)

Will Thompson
Ginger, Ale (Ginger Ale)

Hector Meier
Smoking Chinook (Light Smoke Brown Ale)

Alessa Massey
Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Dark English Ale)

Brian Smith
Wake me up before you gose (Breakfast Memorial Gose)

Marcel Charbonnet
Hurricane Barry Survival Juice (Cream Ale)

Gavin McCall
Street Tarts (Mulberry Wheat Ale)

Greg Hackenberg
Robusto Maduro (Porter)

Jack Horne
Governor Claiborne’s Pale Ale (Pale Ale)

Sam Grooms
Poolside Hefe (Hefeweizen – a smooth and balanced German Hefeweizen perfect for any season)
Beach Chair (American IPA – Fruity IPA to quench your thirst on the beach)

Mike Binder
Blonde Ale (Blonde Ale)
Dry-Hopped Raspberry Cider (Cider)

Mike Malley
I Am Brut (Brut IPA)

Michelle Nannen
Peaches Be Crazy (Saison)

Nein Nein Nein Nein Nein
Hornindal Pils

Sprechen Sie Deutsch
Hothead Oktoberfest

Dubbel Pirouette

Summer Kicks

If You Will It, Dude, It Is No Dream
White Russian Imperial Stout

Houston GDMF Traffic

Another Caucasian, Gary
Coffee Cream Ale

Hazy IPA
Hazy IPA


Mango Blonde
Mango Blonde

Java Bunny
Coffee Blonde

Travis McTravis Beer
Secret Style

Watermelon Wheat
Watermelon Wheat

Violet Beauregarde’s Stinger
Blueberry Honey Ale

How About These Melons?
Canteloupe NEIPA

Principality Pumpkin
Pumpkin Ale

Rosemary & Earl
Rosemary & Earl Grey Witbier

House Peculiar
House beer

Old Fashioned Stout
Stout with orange and cherry

Watermelon Blonde
Blonde Ale with watermelon

Stonefaced IPA

Raspberry Sour
Mixed fermentation sour with raspberries

Jalapeno Margarita Sour 
Mixed Fermentation sour with jalapenos, lime and salt

Kretek Summer
Honey Ale

Hibiscus Lime Gose
Hibiscus Lime Gose

Mango Lime Gose
Mango Lime Gose

Stoic Brew Initiative

Diabolical Angel

Hidden Potential

Triumphs of Excess

Bromantic Sunset
Kettle Sour

Code Brew

Spirit of Charity
A praline inspired wheat ale to be the perfect New Orleans dessert beer

Candy Striper
A caramel apple amber with a hop kick to resusitate you back to optimal health

Flat Line IPA 
A citrusy hop infused IPA sure to put you into asystole and bring you to heaven

Biloxi Order of Brewers


Blaze Star
Strawberry Cider

Earl K.
Hopped Cider

Pink Boots Society

Muffin Top
Blueberry Vanilla Pastry Sour

Haze Bras

Rosehip Saison

Shower Scene
Coconut Cream Ale

Three Hop Monte
Milkshake IPA dry hopped with citra and mosaic

Pumpkinous Of Love
Pumpkin Coffee Ale with a hint of pecans

Brazen Brewing + Friends

Belgian Tripel with raspberries

Mardi Gras Marzen

Grumpy Man IIPA
West Coast IIPA with cascade, amarillo, and simcoe

Brown Brown Ale
Malty brown ale

Goose Juice


Fruit Punch Sour


Peachy Keen
Peachy sour IPA

Apricot Hefe
Apricot Hefeweizen

Black Market Brewing

Guava Saison
Belgian-style saison with guava puree added directly to the keg

Tropical IPA
Hoppy West-Coast-Style IPA with notes of pineapple, passion fruit, and citrus with a low maltiness and low bitterness

Belgian Wit

West Coast IPA

American Pilsner

Thin Mint Stout
Chocolate Mint Stout

Belgian Bombshell
Belgian Blonde Ale

Nutella Stout 
Chocolate Hazelnut Stout

Cryo IPA 
IPA with citra and columbus cryo hops

Witman Sampler 
Chocolate and raspberry stout

THAT FUNK: Blend #1 on Raspberries
Two year blended golden sour aged on raspberries

THAT SWEET: Chocolate Coffee Cake
Imperial Sweet Stout aged on espresso beans, cacao nibs, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans and almonds

THAT NASTY: Juice Dreams
Hazy IPA fermented using Kveik yeast, featuring citra, mosaic and galaxy hops

Sour IPA suing Ariana Hops and conditioned on Fruit Gushers snacks

BONUS BEER: Peach Cobbler Tart
Sour Milkshake IPA using sabro hops and conditioned on peaches, cinnamon sticks and vanilla

Norske Orleans Pilsner 
A German Pils fermented at 95 degrees Fahrenheit with HotHead Kveik

Key Lime Seasonal Sour 
A mixed fermentation sour with Lime Zest, Lime Juice, Lactose, Cinnamon and vanilla beans

“Double Barrel” Chocolate Milkshake 
A milk porter aged with cocoa nibs, vanilla and oak cubes soaked in black rum and bourbon

Antwerp Hoppy Blonde 
A Belgian blonde with Citra dry-hopped and fermented with the De Koninck yeast

Antwerp Belgian Stout 
A Belgian stout fermented with the De Koninck yeast

Summer Citrus Slammer 
A session IPA brewed with Neo1 and Cashmere, fermented at 95 degrees Fahrenheit with Voss Kveik

Breauxhemian Amber
Czech Amber Lager

Salty Gose Cuba

Pina Rubia

Zoe’s Marzen
Sweet Potato Maple Pecan Maren

Ooh Mami
Almond Miso Porter

Ginger + Peach Sour

Juicy Jack
Jackfruit NEIPA

Coco Loco
Rum barrel-aged Coconut + Key Lime Sour

Blue Pelican Brewing

The Schwarzanegger

Pour Neaux Blonde
Pour Neaux Blonde is a blonde ale fusion with your morning cup of coffee. It is brewed with lactose and finished with vanilla and cold brewed coffee to create a unique flavor experience.

Petit Houblon
Petit Houblon is a french saison designed to be very floral on the nose. It is dry hopped using Simcoe and Amarillo hops to create a pleasing olfactory experience while retaining that wonderful farmhouse funk.

Lagered dopplebock – 8.3%

Cream Ale 
Cream ale, wedding cake

Side Boob Blonde
American Blonde Ale that’s crisp, clean and refreshing.

Joli Marie Saison
Perfect summer French saison with pineapple.

Johnny B’s APA
American Pale Ale with tropical notes of greatness.

Summer Squeeze IPA
West Coast style IPA dry-hopped with a plethora of whole cone hops.

Beach Chair Brown
American brown ale with three pounds of toasted coconut.

Buddha’s Love Milk Stout
Sweet Tout with local coffee & chicory, served with a doughnut.

Water Color of Conscious
16 month gloden sour aged on oak with blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.

Morning Ritual Coffee Stout
Stout with fresh coffee beans and chicory

Bryce Wolfe
Frodo’s Folly (New Zealand Pilsner)
Golden Boy (British Golden Ale)

Alex Williams
New Zealand Saison
Magnolia Saison
Squish Saison
Shroom Saison
(Four Saisons including adjuncts of Magnolia Flowers, Squash Blossoms and Mushrooms)

Daan Muller
Fest Bier (traditional German festbier)
Pale Ale Classic 
(Classically clear american pale ale)

Cary Becker
Biere de Garde
Brut IPA
Oatmeal Cream Stout

Michael VonBieberstein
Afternoon Delight Saison (Classic Belgium style saison with rye and spelt in the grain bill for a spicy kick.)
Coconut Indulgence Brown Ale (English brown ale with toasted coconut and lactose to make it interesting.)

Barbu Biere
Pina Isla (NEIPA dry-hopped with El Dorado, Denali and Azacca)
Dashing Weiner (Oktoberfest style Marzen)
Ivory Mustache (Strawberry Wheat)
Marigny (Blonde Chocolate Coffee Stout